The Industrialized Houses. The number 1 All Inclusive in construction.

All-inclusive industrialized houses are the best choice in construction for those clients who are looking for a little custom-made luxury and great peace of mind throughout the process.

It is not surprising that the current situation that we´re living in has activated the “Saving Mode” in all families around the world. We are going through uncertainty times of many changes and this has changed our economic behavior. The all-inclusive construction work have become prefabricated houses the best option when choosing a second home because they offer one of the greatest advantages, a great saving eliminating for complete the possibility of over-costs.

The idea of ​​a second home that allows the disconnection of the big cities and the re-connection with nature to avoid contagions and promoting a healthier lifestyle has undoubtedly been one of the effects left by the confinement .

 Industrialized houses are the construction work all-inclusive.

And what do we mean by all-inclusive in construction?

The “All inclusive” in the construction of houses or any type of construction, whether hotel, hospitality and all kinds of corporate projects is actually a comprehensive management also known as “Turnkey project”. Turnkey is the service in which the final price and the execution time are agreed and closed from the beginning. This price modality turns out to be a great advantage for families who have a fixed budget and are not willing to pay for contingencies of work so frequent in traditional construction.

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The construction works All-Inclusive homes, hotels and all kinds of corporate projects is a comprehensive management known as Turnkey.

The simultaneous construction of the foundation in the chosen plot and the manufacture of the house offer another advantages of the Turnkey option and are one of the most important elements of the All-inclusive in construction; the speed with which industrialized housing is finished. In just 6 months, Cortabitarte homes go from being a dream to a reality.

What does the All Inclusive in construction contemplate?

The preliminary draft and project of the house.

For us, making the idea that each of our clients have in mind a reality is one of our highest priorities. That‘s why we offer the possibility of customizing every detail, from the facade to the finishes. We know that each family has its own lifestyle and that any home should be more than just a house, it is the space in which families build their lives and realize their dreams, that is why we have such a great commitment to each of our clients.

Our architects shape the houses creating industrialized homes as they are part of the All-inclusive in the construction of your home.

Construction permits and administrative procedures.

Many of the expenses that are generated during the construction of a home are undoubtedly those that entail administrative expenses such as technical and engineering fees or labor management. The all inclusive in the construction of prefabricated houses includes not only these expenses but all the liability insurance during the construction work with total transparency, which for many families is a great peace of mind.

The geotechnical and topographic study.

The study of the plot is a key element when designing each home and precisely defining the costs since it allows us to know exactly the unevenness, the exact depth of the water, the drains and therefore the costs of the facilities and connections. It also allows us to know the best place to build swimming pools or basements and create solid and safe foundations.

The foundation.

One of the essential points when building prefabricated houses is the foundation. It depends on a solid foundation that the set of structural elements correctly distribute the loads, thus avoiding any type of rupture. This is the reason why Cortabitarte industrialized constructions always maintain maximum stability and solidity on any terrain.

The manufacture of housing.

The success of Cortabitarte prefabricated houses is our own factory, in this way our architects and our manufacturing team are always in constant communication, saving time, extra costs and offering greater quality controls throughout the construction process.

Quality controls in materials and finishes such as insulating systems also allow us to offer great energy savings during the use of the house and reduce and control the waste generated during construction processes. Our clients can even go and visit us to see the progress in the manufacture of their home.

The integral equipment of the interior of the house.

Yes! All interiors are also provided in the all-inclusive and closed price of industrialized homes. From ventilation systems such as heating and air conditioning, water installations, electricity, etc. And if the client so requires, also appliances, bathroom and kitchen furniture and even built-in cabinets or accessories … Everything is included! Luxury qualities, because you define luxury, allow each home to offer maximum comfort to its inhabitants, the best quality / price ratio and maximum security throughout the construction process of each home.

The all-inclusive prefabricated houses are undoubtedly the best choice to make the dream of having a home anywhere you have in mind. And they are a great option, especially for those clients who are looking for a small tailor-made luxury and great peace of mind throughout the process.

If you have in mind to get a second or first home and you‘ve been identified with all these advantages, get in touch with our Cortabitarte team. We will be happy to make the home of your dreams come true!

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