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FAQ Most frequent questions and answers Is it a really a closed price? Yes. Throughout our professional track-record and experience we have designed, manufactured, built

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you have Doubts? CONTACT OUR TEAM MAKE US A VISIT IN OUR OFFICES Poligono Industrial Las Casas Calle D, Parcela 22C, 42005 Soria, Spain +34

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Campsites Campsites With 50 years of experience in manufacturing and building campsites throughout Spain, Cortabitarte offers multiple options for manufacturing cabins, bungalows, chalets, cottages and

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Hospitality Industry

Hospitality Industry Hospitality Industry The great advantage of Cortabitarte’s modular spaces is to give the opportunity to come up with a complete exclusive experience thanks

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History 50 years ago, the grandfather Felipe Pineda, a visionary man had a great idea that would change the lifestyle up until now. He proposed

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Cortabitarte Luxury Style


Luxury style Luxurystyle There are several ways of understanding luxury as a trend. One of the ways to live the sense of luxury as a

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Cortabitarte Modular Architecture

Contemporary Style

Contemporary Style Contemporary One of the most characteristic attributes about this style is that it remains in constant movement, adapting itself to the latest avant-gardes. 

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