3 reasons to buy a Prefab House in 2022.

What makes a prefab home more attractive in 2022 compared to other years? Learn about all the advantages of acquiring a prefab home in 2022.

2021 was undoubtedly the year that prefab houses experienced the greatest boom. From IKEA to Amazon they launched their version of a prefab house and it is no coincidence that in 2022 they will become one of the most dazzling trends when acquiring a new home.

If you are thinking of buying a house and you are part of this new vision of the future, we share this guide with you where you will find 3 reasons and a few more to buy a Prefab House during 2022.

Although the price is one of the most competitive points, the first thing you have to know are the advantages that a prefab house has over conventional houses. The personalized design, the quality of the materials, the energy efficiency and the times of Construction are also other attractive benefits when deciding to choose a manufactured home.

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What makes a prefab home more attractive in 2022 compared to other years?

The answer is in trends. The pandemic and global confinement clearly marked a before and after in the trends in architecture and interior design during the end of 2020 that 2022 strongly welcomes, offering to improve the quality of life of its occupants in the face of a possible future confinement.

100% customization design

Among the biggest advantages you’ll find in a prefab house is complete customization of the design. This means that you not only choose where to locate your home but also the complete distribution and orientation so that the use of light and heat during winter and shade during summer will provide greater comfort and energy savings at the same time.

If the inhabitants of the house have some lack of mobility, they are elderly people or young children, a prefabricated one floor house is one of the best alternatives to a comfortable, safe and functional home.

Physical and emotional health

Large windows are the result of the 2022 architectural trends that prefab houses have embraced for many years. Panoramic windows provide a direct connection from inside to outside and ensure visual continuity with the landscape. This provides a greater sense of freedom through connection with the outside and with nature.

When you choose a prefab house, your chances of having a swimming pool increase. Although a prefab house can be located in any urbanization, many clients choose sites much further away from the cities and with a greater connection with nature such as the beach or the mountains and that is where a swimming pool becomes almost essential.


We have reached the key point that will make you decide to buy a manufactured home in 2022. We are talking about freedom. Yes! A passivhaus prefab house can give you great financial freedom since energy savings and almost zero consumption will save you up to 75% of energy and money during the entire time of occupation of the house compared to houses of conventional construction.

In addition, a prefab house provides freedom in the lifestyle since they are designed with an emphasis on open, large and diaphanous spaces where the living room, dining room, living rooms and kitchen flow into a single space communicating and integrating their occupants.

The use of noble materials in interior finishes and exterior cladding such as wood, stone or glass are easily combined with any style of decoration. The combination of these natural materials and the natural light that the large windows allow inside a prefab house, provide feelings of joy, tranquility and physical and emotional balance to its inhabitants.


Thanks to the architectural design of a prefab house or a modular home based on structural simplicity, functional order, minimal lines and textures, smooth walls, apparent structures and lack of ornamentation, these homes can be dressed with any furniture, from the simplest to the most eclectic.

If you agree with us that the most important thing in a home is safety, comfort, health and savings, we are sure that what you are looking for is a prefab passivhaus house.

At Cortabitarte we have been manufacturing houses for more than 50 years that become safe, cozy, healthy and comfortable homes.

Do you have any doubts? Here you can find other 5 reasons to choose a prefab house.

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