Most frequent questions and answers

Yes. Throughout our professional track-record and experience we have designed, manufactured, built and installed a wide variety of different modular houses and prefabricated modules, this has taken off us to study thoroughly any detail in each part of the design and production process of the houses. From the project and installation to the construction and the interior design. That´s why we´re able to guarantee a fixed price.

The construction process of any project is very clear and is divided in different phases.

After signing the contract we start the different phases of the project execution which are to prepare the construction field, permission processes, services suppliers, production of your house, prefabricated modules transport, assembly, urbanization and turn key operation. All this is done within a maximum period of 3 months. It will only be necessary to add the time that your city council needs for the granting of the building license, which on average is usually between 1 and two months.

Of course!

Our modular spaces are personalized.

In case you choose one of our prefabricated model type, We´ll talk about the needs that must be covered in your home and we will give you options so that you can choose the finishes and distribution. So your house will be as you imagine it.

We also can give you a completely personalized design from the beginning that will be your own exclusive design and will cover all your needs.

Our team will assign a specific technician specialized in the house we have created for your and he/she will be in continuous contact with you during every phase of the project process. The treatment you´ll have is completely personalized for you.

At Cortabitarte you decide how and where you want to live and we adapt to the environment, customizing your home and always considering the regulations of each province and municipality.

Cortabitarte modular homes are built under the Spanish Technical Building Code and keep to all construction standards and regulations. Our construction system derives from the Steell Frame system, based on the structure of steel beams and columns, which is the system used, among other uses, for the construction of skyscrapers.

Our structures are not only solid, but also have better performance than those of concrete; An example of this is the response they have to seismic activity.

All the materials used in the modular construction in Cortabitarte come from the most recognized brands in the national and international market, which keep to ISO 9000 total quality standards.

There are studies that guarantee a greater durability of our construction system over conventional brick construction, of up to 5 times, which guarantees maximum tranquility. A Cortabitarte modular house will last you, at least, the same as a house built with the traditional system of brick and concrete.

Following the legal guarantees of Spain, we offer a 10-year guarantee for eventual defects in the structure of the houses, 3 years in installations and 1 year in coatings.

Thanks to our construction system based on construction standards for bioclimatic housing, Cortabitarte modular homes achieve energy savings of over 55%. This is the reason our houses obtain energy classification type A.

Our modular homes are efficient and designed with construction and insulation methodologies avoiding energy loss as much as possible, requiring a minimum contribution. We invest in insulation systems, so you save energy costs throughout the useful life of your home.

Cortabitarte modular homes are always responsible for the environment, that´s how our houses are powered by renewable energy. However, you can always choose the heating installation that best suits your budget.

By making a Cortabitarte account on our website you´ll have access to the catalogues of finishes and materials available for the manufacture and thus choose the one you like best. We can also make an appointment so that you can come to our factory to see and touch the materials we are going to use.