Savings and energy efficiency. 2 ways to make your home a better world.

How to make your home a better world. The answer lies in energy saving and efficiency and industrialized houses and buildings manufactured under the passivhaus certification guarantee unbeatable energy efficiency.

Are we aware of how much energy we need in our home without losing comfort and well-being, and how much energy we end up wasting without achieving the comfort we really want? The answer to these questions lies in the energy saving and efficiency of our homes.

Energy savings and efficiency in homes are the homes of the future.

To understand this, we must first define both concepts which, although they seem to refer to the same thing, are actually two very different terms. However, both lead us to create a better world from our home considering the health of our planet and our financial health.

Energy saving.

Energy savings are aimed to reduce energy consumption in our homes and reducing energy use during the execution of production processes or business services. To be possible, this saving requires a change in behavior and habits that aim to implement responsible consumption of water, electricity and gas. Practices such as turning off appliances completely, using short programs in the washing machine and dishwasher or replacing the use of the bathtub with the shower are examples of energy saving habits that often compromise the well-being and comfort of the occupants of each home.

Energy Efficiency.

When we talk about energy efficiency we are talking about the way in which an appliance, a process, a place or a service consumes a lower amount of energy than average that it needs to supply itself. Energy efficiency seeks to optimize energy use without reducing consumption and, of course, without affecting the comfort of homes or the productive processes of companies and industry since it does not require that energy habits vary or decrease. To achieve a maximum reduction in the energy finally consumed, it is necessary to adopt certain measures and systems that achieve greater energy efficiency.

Savings and energy efficiency as individual and collective responsibility.

There are many reasons why it is necessary to choose greater energy savings and efficiency in homes, since we will not only ensure well-being and comfort favoring our economy, but we will also seek an environment of physical, mental and emotional health among the occupants of each living place.

We must be aware that betting on efficient consumption in each home is everyone’s responsibility in the face of the energy and environmental crisis that our planet is suffering and this is a global commitment.

In this sense, the governments of many countries have adopted measures and proposed the launch of different savings, energy efficiency and emission reduction plans in homes and industry, ranging from the renovation of buildings to the renovation of the old ones. Through the Building Energy Rehabilitation Plan in Spain, for example, looks for reducing electricity rates and fuel consumption, seek the profitability of energy solutions in buildings and promote the use of alternative and renewable energies.

Don’t forget that energy saving and efficiency policies in the world are essential for the development of more sustainable societies and more competitive industries.

There are many systems that look forward to improve the energy efficiency of each home such as the installation of efficient boilers, LED lighting systems, the use of thermal and photovoltaic solar energy panels, the installation of insulating panels or the use of qualified energetic low consumption electrical appliances.

Passivhaus houses guarantee unmatched energy efficiency.

Regarding new constructions, industrialized houses and buildings manufactured under the passivhaus certification guarantee energy efficiency incomparable to conventional constructions, which is also clearly reflected in short and long-term economic savings.

The passivhaus constructions manage to minimize the consumption of cooling and heating systems by taking advantage of the climatic conditions such as the use of solar energy, the location of the house, the orientation, the distribution of the space, the thermal insulation and the elimination of thermal bridges, thus achieving an interior temperature of greater comfort and minimal energy consumption.

As they are industrialized construction, passivhaus modular houses ensure environmental sustainability, energy savings and efficiency from the development of the construction thanks to the systematized processes that manage to control the use of specific non-polluting materials, waste and the location of the house and the maintained during the full use of the apartment.

In reality, energy saving and efficiency are an issue that involves all of us as individuals and that we must promote through efficient practices and decisions that lead us together towards a more sustainable society.

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