The 2021 Homes and the Architecture, Construction and Interior Design latest trends.

Today we share with you the 5 most important trends in Architecture, Construction and Interior Design that homes will follow during 2021, which we are sure will extend in the coming years.

But before we start, you have to know that one of the questions that have always arisen around design, architecture and in recent times around housing and construction is, How are trends created?

In fact, although it is a term rather exploited in the fashion industry, the reality is that trends mark the future of everything … Yes! Everything! From the clothes we wear, the products we buy, the way we entertain ourselves, the colors we use in our bedroom or the curtains in our living room and even the dishes we eat in a restaurant … All products and services have a subtle obligation to follow a trend that, if they don’t want to end up being obsolete or part of the past; the same happens in architecture trends.

2021 interior design Trends by Cortabitarte.

Well, a trend appears when creators from different sectors respond to the needs of a society that seeks to adapt to the future in order to maintain its well-being and improve its quality of life. We observe with certainty that the next 2021-2022 design, construction, interior design and architecture trends will be clearly marked by the pandemic and an almost unforgettable lockdown.


Although this is not a new issue, after the lockdown and in response to the environmental and energy provisions that the European Commission has proposed, the architecture and construction sectors have been forced to act faster. In this sense, Sustainable Construction certifications have become essential considering to reduce climate change as a priority.

From the Passivhaus Standard that aims at constructions with very low or almost zero energy consumption, ensuring maximum comfort. The BREEAM Classification that looks forward the degree of adaptability and environmental behavior of buildings in order to get better productivity, comfort and well-being of their occupants.

The LEED System points to construction practices that reduce or eliminate the negative impact of buildings on the environment and their occupants. Or the Green System that considers the reduction of the environmental impact of buildings based on European directives. No matter what legalization is used, the tendency to acquire houses that maintain a sustainability certification or houses in buildings certified as almost zero energy consumption is even greater during 2021.

Aquí te contamos la diferencia entre Certificaciones Passivhaus y LEED


The definition of architecture, construction and interior design trends could not miss the issue of health. Since during 2021 and the next few years health will be one of the main priorities that will condition the behavior of societies and their homes around the world.

Air quality is a matter of vital importance that is also reinforced by sustainability which ends in great energy and economic savings. The 2021 homes will integrate controlled ventilation systems based on high-density filters that seek to renew the air to create spaces free of bacteria and viruses, this will be essential. This type of ventilation is already one of the most effective options capable of guaranteeing indoor air quality by filtering pollutant particles and maintaining a high sense of comfort and savings.

Controlled ventilation systems based on high-density filters are the future of homes by 2021.

New Technologies.

Design and architecture trends pay special attention in this regard to focus on innovation and technology applied to construction materials. Resistant to disinfection painting techniques will be in greater demand in the coming years. The tendency to constant disinfection has caused the deterioration of many surfaces in different spaces, this has promoted technological advance in paints and coatings finishes offering greater resistance to disinfection products. The materials that offer greater thermal performance, greater durability and that generate less amount of polluting waste will be the most demanded from 2021.

Technological innovations will also respond hygiene behaviors to avoid touching surfaces. The automatic self-cleaning or opening systems based on facial recognition and voice activation will set a trend in the design of household appliances, elevators or access systems to buildings and common areas.

Modular Architecture

Not only the lockdown turned out to be one of the main catalysts for the 2021 construction, interior design and architecture trends. The demand to build hospitals in record time joined the need to acquire a second home that allows the disconnection from the cities and the re-connection with nature in order to find a healthier lifestyle.

These two factors took great consideration marking one of the most visible trends of 2021. Many of us found ourselves in the situation of merging our work space with our home and this situation became to create homes with greater capacity for growth. Modular architecture has been able to easily respond to this behavior offering modular solutions to the greatest concerns in this pandemic context, the financial savings of families.


Another trend that appears as a solution to post-Covid behavior is to create open spaces and better uses of natural light. The lockdown quarantine days make us change to appreciate better the power that natural light has on our emotional, psychic and psychological systems.

The need to connect the interior with the exterior proposes larger windows, balconies, interior patios or terraces that visually communicate inside and outside. In the case of the bathrooms and kitchens, they regain the prominence that the rooms had taken in previous years. The bathrooms recover space and are proposed as small personalized spa centers in which the showers are once again replaced in 2021, by hydromassage baths that allow bathrooms to become a space dedicated to relaxation.

The 2021 Architecture, construction and interior design Trends by Cortabitarte.
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The kitchens are transformed into completely open spaces and get to be the common spaces with the greatest communication in the homes. The kitchen replaces the living room and becomes the meeting point for families.

During our 50 years of history, in Cortabitarte we have always paid special attention to the needs of society in order to offer our clients innovative solutions that make their lives easier, seeking well-being and maximum comfort in detail.

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