Passivhaus houses, the new concept of luxury.

The new concept of luxury becomes a new healthy lifestyle and a new way of understanding homes without affecting our environment and passivhaus houses are the alternative to achieve this.

In this new post-pandemic era threatened by climate change, the concepts of Health and Sustainability become the protagonists of the new face of luxury. And it is here where architecture reinvents itself to offer a new vision of habitability better adapted to Health and Sustainability in which passivhaus houses become the healthiest and most sustainable homes and thus, the new concept of luxury.

But… what had defined the concept of luxury until now?

In fact, for many generations the concept of luxury had been a benchmark of exclusivity measured in price and purchasing power. Today, it is not anymore and we are facing a new paradigm shift in which luxury now refers to our health and our environment’s health as well. Faced with this new way of thinking, a new consumer profile arises more aware of their environment and more focused on having time and space to enjoy unique experiences that are no longer defined by price but by health, ethics and responsibility with the environment.

In this sense, architecture and construction use innovation and technology to give rise to houses. passivhaus and other buildings under the same certification, which have the ability to guarantee not only the health and well-being of their occupants, but also comply with the necessary standards that ensure greater energy efficiency and almost zero energy consumption, thus responding responsibly to the fight against climate change.

The new concept of luxury is a new healthy lifestyle.

The luxury of health and the way passivhaus houses ensure it.

Thanks to the innovative mechanical ventilation system with heat recovery, passivhaus houses guarantee their inhabitants the possibility of living in one of the healthiest environments. Passivhaus houses ensure maximum hygienic quality in closed spaces and, in turn, guarantee that all harmful agents in the air are extracted, offering a completely purified environment inside the houses. In addition, thanks to the tightness of the air, passivhaus houses maintain a temperature and humidity in perfect balance in a constant and completely controlled way.

Passivhaus houses are honest and ethical dwellings.

The high-performance windows and doors encourage the maximum use of natural light and improve acoustic insulation, intensifying the feeling of well-being and comfort that leads to a more relaxed lifestyle away from stress.

The lifestyle of the occupants of a passivhaus house is synonymous of integral health and that is because many of the basic principles that guarantee this certification improve the mood by reducing stress and anxiety disorders through relaxation. Passivhaus houses are conceived in an integral way considering the house itself, the lifestyle of its occupants, the climate and the environment where it will be built.

The luxury of acquiring a home without affecting our environment and the way in which passivhaus houses achieve it.

There are many principles that ensure the reduction of energy consumption under which passivhaus houses are built, however, the excellent thermal insulation and the absence of thermal bridges optimize energy savings to such an extent that they reduce the environmental impact. In this sense, modular architecture and passivhaus houses embody the design concept, focusing on functionality and innovation, making each production system profitable to conceive efficient homes with high levels of sustainability, far from the old, inefficient and highly polluting mass construction models.

Passivhaus houses are integrated through industrialized construction to create honest and ethical homes with the environment in which each of the manufacturing processes are supervised under strict quality controls and presented to the client with total transparency. This supervision includes all development steps during manufacturing from material supply to production, guaranteeing a high energy efficiency index and a minimum of waste production, which ensures greater environmental sustainability.

The new concept of luxury becomes a new healthy lifestyle and a new way of seeing and understanding homes while respecting our environment, with a broader knowledge that not only understands the price, but also fulfills an environmental function and brings the quality, usefulness and authenticity of each of the construction processes to generate environmental and financial sustainability.

The new concept of luxury becomes a new healthy lifestyle.

The Cortabitarte passivhaus houses are an example of completely personalized homes in which we adapt the design to the lifestyle of its occupants. All this transforms the experience of living in a passivhaus house into a full balance of physical, mental and emotional health. That, without a doubt, is the true sense of luxury.

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